Sprite 3G
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A can of Sprite 3G




The Coca-Cola Company



Sprite 3G is an energy drink. It was produced by The Coca-Cola Company to compete with other energy drinks such as Red Bull.


Sprite 3G was introduced by Coca-Cola in the United Kingdom in 2005 to compete in the energy drink which was dominated by drinks such as Red Bull. To promote the drink, a new advert featuring the Sprite Goblin having babies was broadcast. The drink suffered from poor sales, and Coca-Cola discontinued it in the UK in 2007 to focus on their new energy drink Relentless. The drink was still sold in a couple of other countries but it is now possible the drink has been discontinued entirely.

Look and Taste. Edit

Sprite 3G came in 250ml cans, which is the size Energy Drinks normally come in. The ingredients include glucose, caffeine from green coffee beans and guarana. It has a similar taste to the normal Sprite.